premix concrete bow

  • Our Ready Mix Concrete Bow concrete plant was established in 1985 and its main activity is the production of concrete and the supply of concrete. The plant has many years of experience in the production of Bow concrete, thanks to which our products are of the highest quality and the services rendered comprehensively. We are also producers of ready-mixed concrete, road stabilization, we also offer foundation blocks and bagged cement. We have specialized equipment for transporting and pumping concrete, as well as a large yard and an extensive base. Thanks to our many years of experience, we offer the highest quality products and services builders. Feel free to contact our sales department.

  • Bow concrete grades determine its minimum strength determined on the 28th day of maturing under standard conditions. It is determined on cylindrical samples. According to the European standard, concrete is divided by density:

    - lightweight concrete,

    - plain concrete,

    - heavy concrete.

    Concrete Bow is a specific material, on which quality depends a lot. Therefore, a specialized laboratory supervises the production process, and experienced employees and the best raw materials guarantee high quality of the final product, high level of service rendered and customer satisfaction from cooperation with Ready Mix Concrete Bow.

  • Production of ready-mixed concrete Bow. Our company Ready Mix Concrete Bow has been producing ready-mixed concrete since 1985. We are characterized by professionalism, high quality and timely delivery. We provide high quality ready-mixed concrete and road stabilization. For all concretes we use chemical additives that change concrete parameters such as water resistance, frost resistance, setting speed. Our company Ready Mix Concrete Bow provides Concrete Delivery Bow services. When choosing ready-mixed concrete, we must specify its purpose. In this respect, his class is chosen. The price of concrete depends on the chosen class. The class is determined by the designer or constructor.

  • We also provide specialized Concrete Pump Bow services. When concreting in hot weather or strong sunlight, the concrete mix should be immediately protected against excessive water loss. However, during rain, the concrete mix laid and laid should be protected against water dilution. If rain falls on the freshly laid concrete mix, its top layer should be removed. The time of using a concrete mix mixed at 20 ° C should not exceed 1.5 hours from the time of mixing, and mixed at a higher temperature of 1.0 hour. We provide Concrete Pump Bow services near your place of residence. We also offer precast concrete elements of the highest quality. We invite all clients expecting high quality products and professional advice and service of our well-trained staff to cooperate with us.


  • Ready Mix Concrete Bow provides concrete for companies and individual clients. Concrete is a mix of hydraulic binder, aggregate and water. The binder is usually cement or cement with mineral additives. In combination with water, it forms a grout that hardens and binds the townswoman as a result of physico-chemical reactions. Water also gives the mix the right consistency. Aggregate, i.e. sand or gravel, is a filling material. The diameter of the zrenas is selected depending on the required characteristics of the concrete. To prevent concrete from cracking, cracking and easy laying, we add special chemical admixtures and mineral additives. They affect the properties of the material, improving its technical characteristics.